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Mental Health and Wellness Resources

Resources to Find Therapists and Online Wellness Communities

  • Therapy for Black Girls: An online space committed to the mental wellness of Black women and girls. Its provider directory lists in-person and virtual therapists by location.

  • The Loveland Foundation: The Loveland Foundation is the brainchild of writer, lecturer, and activist Rachel Cargle and stems from her 2018 birthday fundraiser Therapy for Black Women and Girls. The Loveland Therapy Fund provides financial assistance, so Black women and girls have access to a comprehensive list of mental health professionals across the country that provide high quality, culturally competent services during COVID-19 and beyond.

  • Black Therapy Love app: An app and directory that provides Black individuals with a place to interact with therapists, counselors, and coaches.

  • BEAM (Black EMotional and Mental Health Collective): A nonprofit dedicated to “a world where there are no barriers to Black healing.” They’ve created an online directory of licensed Black mental health professionals who provide tele-therapy services.

  • Therapy for Latinx: Therapy for Latinx provides listings of therapists who identify as Latinx or a POC, or have worked closely with the POC community and understand their unique needs.

  • Inclusive Therapists: Inclusive Therapists is an organization committed to decolonizing and destigmatizing mental healthcare. Its directory connects POC with culturally affirming and responsive client care.

  • Asian Mental Health Collective: Building a community for Asian mental health support.

Books and Articles

Podcasts, Social Media, Video

  • Ethical Rainmaker (podcast): Join host, Michelle Shireen Muri, and explore some of the practices that undermine our missions and navigate the way forward with today’s resisters, reimagines, and the re-creators of the Third Sector. It’s time to think differently.

  • Latinx Therapy (podcasts): Latinx Therapy is a podcast and directory committed to reducing mental health stigma for the Latinx community.

  • The Nap Ministry (instagram): The Nap Ministry Living through systemic oppression is exhausting. The lack of rest experienced by BIPOC individuals impacts their physical and mental health. The Nap Ministry—which was founded by Tricia Hersey—wants folks to examine the liberating power of naps and believes that rest and napping are necessary for all that we hope to achieve, including resistance.

  • Liberate App: The Liberate app offers meditations and talks "designed for the BIPOC [Black, Indigenous, and People of Color] experience." The goal is to facilitate healing by "naming and offering resources for common cultural experiences, like internalized racism and microaggressions." The app contains content from more than 40 BIPOC teachers. Monthly and annual subscriptions are available for $9.99 and $71.99, respectively.

  • Healing Racial Trauma - A podcast episode by the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy, featuring Christiana Awosan, LMFT, PhD. Available on iTunes, Spotify, and Stitcher.

  • The Safe Place (mental health app): A mental health app that started on GoFundMe and is geared toward education and support for the Black community.

  • Decolonizing Therapy (instagram): Dr. Jennifer Mullan Dr. Jennifer Mullan, a clinical psychologist, created Decolonizing Therapy, a mental health support social movement, to make sure clients, especially queer BIPOC folks, had access to resources that acknowledge the legacy of racism and the impact of multigenerational trauma.

  • Unnatural Causes (documentary series)

E-Course, Resources

Communities and Orgs

Mental Health and Wellness Resources: Welcome
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